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      USES and features extraction equipment

      1, high intensity ultrasonic circulation strengthened extraction, ultrasonic field with high intensity, strong cavitation effect, higher extraction yield.

      2, high degree of automation, compact structure, fission portable design, cover an area of an area small, easy to use security.


      3, patent ultrasonic engineering amplification technology, advanced technology, high extraction efficiency.

      4, adopts high-power shaped type ultrasonic method, high intensity ultrasonic field direct effects on extract raw materials, high utilization rate of ultrasonic energy (nearly 100%).


      Use this series of circular high-power ultrasonic extraction machine adopts multilevel shaped type ultrasonic method, direct effects on high power ultrasonic field extraction material, ultrasonic energy utilization rate is high, the extraction effect;

      This series loop ultrasonic extraction machine ultrasonic field intensity is high, the cavitation effect is strong, applicable to Chinese medicine, health care products, cosmetics and other related businesses use in volatile and non-volatile solvent extracting effective ingredients from all kinds of land ocean raw materials, particularly applicable to hard to broken root extract raw materials, to extract the difficulty, high value-added extract research production.

      Equipment in accordance with the GMP standard design production, wide applicability, high cost performance, is a biochemical study, pilot extraction equipment and enterprise new pharmaceutical factory and GMP reform extraction equipment excellent choice.

      Relevant tags: pharmaceutical equipment, enrichment equipment

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