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      Extraction equipment principle of work and the way to work

      Countercurrent extraction equipment working principle of the reflux method is: in medicinal materials and solvent leaching container along the opposite direction, fully engage and continuous extraction of a kind of method.

      Equipment for efficient continuous dynamic countercurrent extraction machine, and its extraction principle is: the use of microwave heating of a penetrating way, make the extraction is more quick and convenient.

      Continuous countercurrent extraction equipment is dynamic extraction, reflux extraction, the combination of the decoction extraction process, while keeping the advantages of a variety of traditional process at the same time, created by these traditional process cannot reach a number of advantages: extracting effective components extraction speed, full, high extraction yield and less solvent consumption, high concentration liquid, reduce the evaporation concentration and other herbs are observed in the subsequent processing art, roller speed can be adjusted, which can adjust the length of time based on the characteristics of medicinal herbs, medicinal herbs under the environment of mild dynamic extraction, low heating temperature, effective component damage is less, so less impurity content in solution, belongs to continuous production, processing capacity.

      Countercurrent extraction forward feed, reverse feed water equipment, material and the water flow for continuous dynamic reverse flow, make the medicinal materials and solvent can maintain relative motion, spread the material liquid concentration update continues to function, to ensure the material liquid leaching speed is fast.

      Pipeline and extraction equipment and solves the traditional materials countercurrent extraction equipment is unable to stir, extract, uneven, sealed performance is not good, unable to use organic solvent extraction, internal mechanical parts wear, which brings the problems such as pollution.

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