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      Thermal compression pump technology

      Thermal compression pump technology  

      Thermal Vapour Recompressor, TVR

      Thermal steam hot pressing is thermal compression  pump principle (that is venturi principle), from the boiler high pressure  steam, after entering the heat pump under the effect of the high velocity of  steam, formed high vacuum inside of thermal compression pump,  absorb the first effective separation chamber  produced secondary steam and mix with raw steam(Automatic control of steam  inlet pressure, outlet pressure and flow rate, steam temperature), after  compression heat of steam get into the shell side of the  Ⅰ-effect again as heating source of Ⅰ-effect heater.<br />
      From the first effect of the separation  chamber low calorific value steam compressed to high pressure,that energy is  added to the steam, because it&rsquo;s temperature higher than the pressure  corresponding saturated steam temperature of the heating chamber , make steam  for heating again. It is according to the principle of jet pump to operate, no  moving parts, the design is simple and effective, and can work to ensure the  highest reliability.</p>

      Main features:

      The thermal compression pump operation require raw steam pressure ≥0.5Mpa, that is power steam.
       Use a thermal compression pump and increase a effect evaporator has the same save steam/energy saving effect, greatly reduce the energy consumption.


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