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      Detailed technical parameters of ingredients can - dedicated to people in need

      Ingredients can also known as agitation tank, mixing barrel, to open on the bottom of the inferior oblique three layer structure, with automatic temperature control can be heated, heat preservation, mixing function;

      Quick heat transfer, to adapt to the temperature difference big, convenient cleaning.

      Widely used in food (milk) products, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, beverage, oil, chemical industry, paint and other industries as a buffer between, reservoir, mixing, mixing equipment (in the material without heating can mix evenly, that this equipment is the most economic and practical), heating, deploy mixed or sterilization process.

      Particularly suitable for without steam heat source unit and scientific research institutions small and pilot use.

      And according to the process requires a fully enclosed structure, insulating structure.

      Volume: 50 l, 100 l, 200 l, 300 l, 500 l, 600 l, 1000 l and 1000 l.

      Heating method: using electric heating rod inserted into the jacket, heat evenly without cold area.

      Into my jacket heat conduction oil or water for heating medium, generate heat for heating tank material.

      Material heating temperature: 350 ℃ or less;

      Material heating time: 20 min ~ 90 min (see process required).

      Temperature control: adopt electric accidentally measure temperature and temperature controller connected to the measurement and control temperature (temperature difference + / - 1 ° C or less), and can regulate the temperature of a material of high and low.

      Temperature controller installed in electric cabinet, temperature transmission rod straight inserted to the bottom of the tank, the material liquid used minimum position can also indicate the temperature.

      Tank: inner surface mirror polishing processing, roughness Ra 0.4 microns or less.

      Cover: cover for a double doors can open, easy to clean, inside and outside surface mirror polishing treatment (roughness Ra 0.4 microns or less).

      Inside the tank bottom structure: by the spinning processing into R Angle, and the tank after welding, polishing, no dead Angle, and a 5 ° inclined towards discharging mouth, easy to put the net material not stranded.

      Jacketed forms: the whole jacket for adding heat conduction oil or water, make the work to achieve the purpose of the best heating and cooling.

      Thermal insulation material: the filling pearl cotton, rock wool, or casting polyurethane foam, keep temperature difference with the outside world, achieve heat preservation effect.

      Outer shell surface treatment: mirror polish or 2 b primary inferior smooth inferior smooth handle face to face or 2 b frosted.

      Stirring device: top center stirring, reducer output shaft and the impeller shaft adopts loop connection, easy disassembling and cleaning.

      Stirring speed: 15 ~ 120 r/min (constant speed);

      Impeller forms: frame, anchor, paddle, turbine, etc. (according to the technological requirements).

      Instrument equipment configuration: electrical control box, temperature, material liquid import and export and import and export of medium (inlet and discharge of oil), put a hollow hole (oil spill), etc.

      Material: inside tanks SUS304 or SUS316L;

      Jacket for Q235 - B or SUS304;

      The outer protective shell of SUS304.

      The in and out of the tube in the mouth opening and tanks welds adopt flanging process arc transition, smooth and easy to clean no dead Angle, beautiful appearance.

      Capacity: L = 300, vacuum: < 0.09, working pressure, normal pressure, working temperature: 0 ~ 100, the motor power: 3, the stirring speed: 35 ~ 51, appearance size: 1100 X2050 Φ.

      Capacity: L = 500, vacuum: < 0.09, working pressure, normal pressure, working temperature: 0 ~ 100, the motor power: 4, stirring speed: 35 ~ 51, appearance size: 1200 X2390 Φ.

      Capacity: L = 800, vacuum: < 0.09, working pressure, normal pressure, working temperature: 0 ~ 100, the motor power: 5.5, stirring speed: 35 ~ 51, appearance size: 1400 X2650 Φ.

      L = 1000, vacuum degree, < 0.09, working pressure, normal pressure, working temperature: 0 ~ 100, the motor power: 5.5, stirring speed: 35 ~ 51, appearance size: 1500 X2750 Φ.


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