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      What is a traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment

      Traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment is simple, using the essence of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment components are derived.

      Traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment component can be divided into the extracting tank, condenser, cooler, separator, filter, pneumatic slag door control system.

      According to the different needs of customers design and production process requirements, Beijing hyundai's xu states in the field of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment with the latest research and development and production, about traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment more details see the article below resources, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment, plants, food, biological, light industry of atmospheric pressure, compression and decompression, extraction, warm immersion, thermal circumfluence, forced circulation, diacolation, aromatic oil separation and recovery of organic solvent.

      Extraction tank for traditional Chinese medicine factory, boil, process design of multi-purpose equipment, in this process can extract, alcohol recovery, separation of volatile oil.

      This equipment is in addition to the extractor is the main equipment, with spray precipitator, cooler, separator, etc.

      These devices where contact with the drug adopt the stainless steel, heating interlayer by wenzhou pressure vessel inspection department strict testing safety and reliability, long service life and equipment.

      This equipment is in the process of extraction through the condenser, oil-water separator and so on, all of the closed circulating system, at the same time in the residual organic solvent recovery.

      Part of the Condenser (Condenser) air conditioning system, the quantity of heat pipe, can be in a rapid way, spread to nearby air pipe, Condenser installed on most of the car in front of the tank.

      The device for gas or vapor into liquid.

      Power plants to use many condenser for turbine exhaust steam condensation;

      Using condenser in refrigeration plant to condensation, such as ammonia and freon refrigeration vapour.

      Petrochemical industry in the condenser to hydrocarbons and other chemical vapor condensation.

      In the process of distillation, the vapor into liquid device called a condenser.

      All of the condenser are take away the heat of a gas or vapour and operation.

      Cooler is a class of heat exchange equipment, for the cooling fluid.

      Usually air or water as the coolant to remove heat.

      Have a wall between the cooler clamp, spray cooler and cooler and snake tube cooler, etc.

      Widely used in high-power silicon rectifier and induction furnace and intermediate frequency furnace such as electric equipment form a complete set as the pure water, water, wind cooling protection pay machine, oil and water, oil, wind cooling device.

      Separator to keep a good separation effect, needs to control the liquid level and pressure.

      Traditional separator liquid level and pressure control of the constant pressure control technology.

      In the variable pressure liquid level control of separator, use float liquid level controller drives the oil and gas regulator, make its joint action, control fluid volume of crude oil and natural gas, finish the adjustment of the liquid level in the separator, without the pressure of the separator.

      Liquid level control method of variable pressure can maximum reduce the oil and gas outlet valve throttle, reduce the pressure of the separator, improve separation effect.

      Oil and gas separator and oil and gas water three phase separator in oilfield block station and has been widely used in joint station.

      Separator to keep a good separation effect, need to control the liquid level and pressure.

      Transport medium filter (filter) is indispensable on a device, usually installed in a reducing valve, relief valve, water valve, filter other equipment import terminals equipment.

      Have certain specifications after the filter cartridge filter, the impurity is blocked, when need to wash, just remove the removable cartridge, after processing to reload the can, therefore, is very convenient in operation and maintenance.

      Above is the major parts of the extraction equipment.

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